Little vs Full

Devotion is that kind of thing. If you dismantle the structures of who you are and you are completely absorbed into something, if that something is powerful enough, it will just imprint upon you. That is the idea of devotion, that you become that. It is not about being devoted to somebody or something; it is just that it is the highest level of perception. You can imprint yourself with what you are seeking because you opened yourself up completely.

If you are a little devoted, let’s call it a love affair…there is a little love affair between you and me. But any time, you can recover – that is, you were falling in love with me and you recovered just in time. I hope you don’t recover. If I do not fulfill your expectations, if I do not speak the way you think I should, if I do not behave the way you think I should, you will see – that little love affair will be gone. So a little is always dangerous. Don’t try to save it because you can’t take it anywhere. You can’t take this life anywhere. You have to allow it to go into its full blossom now, here, not somewhere else. Do not try to save the fragrance of life. Those who save will stink. Those who throw it out, you will see them as fragrant beings.



Bha ra tha means…

Bha representing the emotional intelligence, which is an embracing form of intelligence unlike the intellect which is more of a dissecting kind. The Eastern cultures have always held the emotional intelligence as more significant as it is inclusive in nature. It is more life oriented and less about being better than someone else. It is about finding a beautiful expression to human possibility versus being a winning rat.

Ra – represents Raga or the tune of life. This is not our business but set by the source of creation or the Divine. Just learning to keep in tune with it is the ultimate form of knowing.

Tha – represents the rhythm, to find a rhythm that makes us individuals but all playing by the same tune. Knowing the universality of our existence at the same time giving expression to an individual exuberance that is unique.

This is not only the Dance form but the name taken upon by a culture hence the very nation has always been referred to as Bharata Varsha meaning a shower or cascade of Bhava, Raga, Thala.


Magic to Focus

Focus is the key to achieving anything (subtle or materialistic) in the world.

With all the moving things in our daily life, Focusing on something is becoming circus feat.

We know the secret to achieve anything but at the same time we know its a challenge. This is when I came across the tool we all knew which helps us to focus easily.

The tool is nothing but COMMITMENT.

COMMITMENT is such a beautiful tool which enables us to focus no matter what we face. COMMITMENT has no success no failure, no pleasure no pain, no labels at all which keeps our FOCUS intact.

COMMIT to what you truly want and live happily.