The hen that you are, how will you know what deceptive ways Grace will descend.

It is Grace that brought you here and it is Grace that will deliver:

I prefer the hen that looks up to the sky than an eagle that flies but always looking down.

How high is not the question, but how intense is your longing for the sky.

May you always be in Grace.

– Sadhguru


Sadhguru. Mystic’s Musings (Kindle Locations 60-65). Isha Foundation. Kindle Edition.


Foundation of life



The Soil that you walk upon
The Soil that you treat as Dirt
Is the Magical material
that turns into leaf, flower
and fruit. All that you
know as life was at one time
held in the eternal pregnancy
of the Sacred Soil. Mother
to some and Dirt to some other.

But the Sacred Source of all

The life encasing cage
of the body is but the Soil.

Under farmer’s Till, potter’s
Wheel, above all the Divine Will
It turns into Magical Mill