Laws of Causation

Everything that is named and that is not, follows 3 laws of causation. The three laws are,

  1. An effect can never be without a cause.  Ex: Waves cannot be without the ocean.
  2. Effects are nothing but the cause itself in different form. Ex: Big wave, medium wave, small wave, lather, foam, bubble are different forms of ocean.
  3. From the effect, if the cause is removed nothing remains. Ex: From the clay pot if the clay is removed nothing remains.

True Nature

Sunshine“True nature of the Human Being is INFINITENESS.”

Human Being is never satisfied with what he has. He always keep looking for more. For example, initially he need aphone, then bphone, later iphone…..etc :). This applies to money, power, and all other things we see and we can imagine. He never experiences the INFINITENESS and so keeps looking for it and keeps failing.

Fact is, he is trying to find INFINITENESS in FINITE OBJECTS. Money, Power, …etc are all finite objects and we all know and we all keep experiencing the incompleteness even after achieving those finite objects, but we still keep running behind them for some reason.


–> He is never going to get what he want forever.

–> He will be in the cycle of finding his true nature (INFINITENESS) throughout his life in wrong place and even dies without experiencing it.

This learning taught me to direct all the activities in my  life to understand my true nature, search it and experience it.