Anjana..Hanuman Mother Birth Cause

Brihaspati, the guru of the demigods had cursed one of his servants whose name was Punjikasthali to become a monkey in the earthly realm. As a result, she was reborn on Earth as Anjana.

Vilas, Shubha. The Chronicles of Hanuman (Kindle Locations 87-88). Om Books International. Kindle Edition.


Beginning of Hanuman…

A huge monstrous-bodied but saintly-looking personality emerged from the fire. He looked like fire. With reddish hair and a lustrous body, he was impressive to look at. No one in Ayodhya ever thought something like this was possible. They had faith that the King knew what he was doing and the King had equal trust in the sages. The sages had faith in the processes prescribed in the scriptures and the scriptures were always right. Their fiery man was proof enough.

Soon, King Dasharatha held the golden pot of sweet payasam that the fiery man had brought with him. Though it had come out of burning fire, the golden vessel was absolutely cool to touch and so were its contents. King Dasharatha scooped up a portion of the sweet payasam thrice and dropped it into the open palms of his three principle queens. Just as he was about to drop the last portion into the palms of Sumitra, a massive eagle swooped down and snatched a small portion of the payasam and flew away.

Everyone who saw that was bewildered and hoped the incident didn’t mean anything inauspicious. One wise sage, who witnessed the mishap, consoled them with his wisdom. He pointed out, ‘The eagle that dares to snatch the payasam from such a highly secure assembly cannot be an ordinary bird; it has to be Garuda, the carrier of Lord Vishnu. This is Vishnu Lila in action.’

Meanwhile, the eagle flew off to a distant land where something special was happening. This was the mystical land of Kishkinda in the southern part of the country. On the top of a mountain, in the midst of a dense forest, dressed in the robes of an ascetic was a lady. This was Anjana, the wife of Kesari, the King of the monkey clan. With palms held out in supplication to the Supreme Lord, she was ardently praying for a son who would be the greatest hero the world had seen and the one who would assist humanity in ways unheard of. The bird opened its claws and, with a splash, the payasam fell into her open palms. At the touch of the payasam, Anjana was jolted to reality. She opened her eyes and found a blob of nectarine-like pie in her palms. Looking up, she saw the divine eagle gazing at her mercifully. There was celestial intervention in her life. Her prayers were answered. She closed her eyes, and offering a prayer of gratitude, swallowed the payasam. As soon as the payasam entered her body, she could feel a change in herself. She wasn’t her normal self anymore. She could instantly feel her womb getting filled. She was pregnant with a force of the gods. All she had to do was prayerfully wait.

‘He is coming…’


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