Where does chasing desires end?


Most of the time…..

We make our desires as our goal
We chase them
We achieve them
We dont get satisfied
We chase for more
Still not satisfied
So we chase for more and this goes on

Once upon a time lived a King Yayati who had innate desire for women.  To quench his thirst of desire he even exchanged his old age with the youth of his son.

After chasing his desire for a long time , he concluded that

na jatu kamah kamanam
upa bhogena shamyati
havisha krishna-vartmeva
bhuya evabhivardhate

As supplying butter to a fire does not diminish the fire but instead increases it more and more, the endeavour to stop lusty desires by continual enjoyment can never be successful.

Fire likes butter, Fire’s desire is butter, no matter how much butter you pour in fire, fire doesn’t get satisfied.

Similarly, there is nothing called end of desire unless you voluntarily cease the temptation for more.

How to identify a desire?
Desire leads to Anger which in turn leads to Fear


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