News everybody should remember

yaksha prasna


Time consuming us is the biggest news whether accepted or not, whether thought about or not. Spending quality time / quality life from right now instead of thinking about it when we have no time (on death bed) would be right choice.

In the context of Yaksha Prasnas, one of the question by Yaksha to Dharma Raja is “What is news?” Following is the response by Dharma Raja.

asmin mahaa-moha-maye kaTaahe – In the frying pan of ignorance of this world
sUrya agninA – using the Sun as fire
ratri diva indhanena – day and night as fuels
mAsa-rtu-darvI-parighattanena – with seasons as the ladle
bhuTAni – the living beings
kAlaH – the time
pacati ithi vaartha – this is news

In this frying pan of great illusion (the world), Time is cooking the
Creatures with the fire of the sun having the days and nights as it’s fuel and the months and seasons constituting it’s ladle. This is news.


Educate about the self

All Vedas Knowledge

Either directly or indirectly, all ancient scriptures teaching about the self. None of those scriptures are included in the current education system or Current education system teaches none about the self. Are we evolving or devolving? I feel like we are devolving.

Salute to all those people who are still taking time to spread our seers knowledge to the next generations.