Whip..to be the TRUE MASTER

Whip..the mind“Do not act with mind, act on mind”

Mind is always driven by the desires we have. Action towards the desire takes place based on the intensity of the desire. If the intensity is high, we act without control on ourselves, if the intensity is low, we might act or dont. Examples of high intensity desires in majority are food and sex because of which we loose control on our actions leading to a guilty life.  Examples of low intensity desires are waking up in the morning, going to gym, maintaining diet etc because of which we dont act leading to a same guilty life. In both cases mind is MASTER and we are the SLAVES.

Even after having the capability of controlling our mind, why we have to be a slave to the mind and lead a guilty life?…THINK

Lets master our mind by whipping (rejecting the thoughts leading to guilty life) it when necessary.

Lets train our mind like a dog to be loyal to our higher goals.

Lets be the TRUE MASTER by mastering our mind.


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